EYLF Philosophy

Balls Paddock Children’s Centre Philosophy

At Balls Paddock Children’s Centre, we recognise the importance of play as one of the main ways in which children learn and develop. Each child is viewed as an individual, with unique strengths and interests. We support each child as competent in making their own choices about learning as they strive to make meaning about themselves and the world around them.

We believe that by providing a warm, nurturing and secure environment which supports children’s learning, will contribute to a strong foundation for life-long learning. We believe in providing staff that are nurturing, experienced, qualified and professional. We believe on conclusive international evidence that early childhood is a vital period in children's learning and development. We advocate for children’s rights, equity and social justice and practices that will result in a planet that is able to support future life.

Being: We practice in ways which recognises the child as capable and resourceful.

We value each child as competent, powerful and an active contributor to her/his own learning. We understand intentional teaching as a way to build upon each child’s existing knowledge and experience. We believe in a sense of agency by taking pride in capturing each learning moment as we work to empower children to be deep thinkers and problem solvers as they learn through play.

Belonging: We create a sense of belonging through supporting secure, respectful and life enhancing relationships.

We promote relationships that build trust. We do this by respecting and honouring collaborations between educators, children, their families and partnerships within the wider community. We believe families should be given opportunities to participate and contribute in all areas of the Centre programme and experiences. As Educators we encourage ongoing learning and reflective practice through extending our professional knowledge of children, families and our wider community. We place equal importance on utilising our educator’s personal attributes through reflective practices and we genuinely enjoy working well as a team.

Becoming: We believe in the importance of the early years as a time of developing and shaping children’s identity.

We honour diversity by embracing secure respectful reciprocal relationships accepting each personality. We do this through providing an environment and routines that are familiar and meaningful to the children. As early childhood professionals, we extend each child’s interest and support individual strengths through role modelling and positive reinforcement.