Welcome to Balls Paddock Children's Centre. We look forward to spending the year with your child/ren and getting to know you all.

We are very excited about our new yard that was built by the Tradie Ladies and a lovely mum Kymm. This new area inlcudes: a fort and slide, Yarning Circle, chicken pen, mud kitchen, bushtucker garden and vegetable garden. The children have been so excited to exlore this area as they watched it being built. On our opening week, we decorated the yard with streamers and balloons and the children took turns playing in there. We cant wait to explore it more as the year goes on.  

We are holding a Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser this month, with all proceedings to go towards getting rain suits so the children can enjoy the outdoors in any weather. Please see staff for your box of chocolates.

In April 2015, we underwent the Assessment and Ratings process. We are very excited to announce that Balls Paddock Children's Centre has been assessed as:

EXCEEDING in all 7 Quality areas!!!

We would like to thank everyone for their support. It is greatly appreciated and we feel so happy to work with such amazing educators, management, families, children and community members.


We are open during the school holidays, however closed for 2 weeks over Christmas. We are also closed Public Holidays.

The rooms for 2018 are:

Directors- Clare

Turtle room (2-3 years)- Danielle and Amy

Dragonfly room (3-4 years)- Jenny and Sandra

Bellfrog Room (4-5 years)- Steph and Vicky